AUDAC 4-Channel Power Amplifier 4 X250W


AUDAC 4-Channel Power Amplifier

• 4 x 250w

• Integrated X-Over

• Auto Standby, 1RU

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AUDAC 4-Channel Power Amplifier

This energy efficient stereo amplifier will automatically switch to a standby mode when no audio signals are detected (less than 1Watt power consumption in standby mode).

• A compact and lightweight design makes these single rack space amplifiers ideal for both fixed and mobile installations.

Features Include

• Class-D technology ensures excellent efficiency as well as outstanding sound quality.

• Passively cooled entity only a minimal of maintenance is needed, while ensuring maximum reliability.

• Quad channel construction consists of four channels with the possibility to use two independent stereos. In combination with the integrated active crossover network, it offers a complete solution for compact stereo applications with a bass cabinet.

• Various specific functions and advanced circuitry guarantees an optimal protection against DC malfunctioning, short circuit, overheating and overload.

• Signal input connections are integrated with balanced XLR connectors. Outputs are connected using terminal block connectors.

• 4 x 250w,

• Integrated X-Over, Auto Standby, 1RU

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