AUDAC – Active Audio Transceivers RCA

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• Allows the input of AUDIO source from an external to the equipment rack to be injected into the source available list.
• Balanced line and RCA level inputs

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AUDAC – Active Audio Transceivers RCA

The APG20 is an audio receiver gateway converting databus transmitted audio signals to standard line and microphone level signals.

Audio output of the APG20 can be fed to regular inputs on audio amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, mixers or many more. In combination with the matching input modules (WLI and WMI) it offers a solution for two channel audio transmission (line & microphone) covering distances up to 300 meters over standard UTP CAT5E (or better) cabling. Distances up to 600 meters can be achieved when applying additional power supplies.

Due to the differential bus input with increased voltage levels, the received signals are insensitive for noise, interference and attenuation over the long transmission distance. This offers the appropriate solution for high quality audio transmissions in long distance applications while maintaining high quality audio reproduction.

The bus input carrying both audio channels, an RS-485 data channel and 24 Volts distribution to the transmitter end is implemented using an RJ45 connector. The audio outputs are performed using dual RCA (line) and female XLR (microphone) connections. The XLR output is accompanied with a switch allowing selection between a -40 dB and 0 dB output level. The signals carried on the RS-485 pair of the databus are linked to an RJ45 output connection, allowing daisy chaining to the controlled equipment. A variety of optionally available mounting brackets for the AUDAC S-Box product range are allowing desk, closet or 19inch equipment rack installation.

Fur use with WMI-18 wallplate


System specifications
Connection standard TIA/EIA T568B
Cabling UTP CAT5E (or better)
Inputs Type Audio / RS-485 / 24V DC Bus
Connector RJ45
Power Consumption 0.8 W (PSD241 included)
Supply 24V DC (PSD241 switching Power supply included 100 ~ 240V AC / 47 ~ 63 Hz)
Max. cable length Without external PSU 300 m
With external PSU 600 m
Outputs Microphone Type 1 x Microphone outputs (Level switchable 0 dB ~ -40 dB)
Connector XLR male
Line Type 1 x Line output
Connector Dual RCA
Data link Type 1 x RS-485 data link outputs
Connector RJ45
Product features
Dimensions 108 x 44 x 165 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 0.760 kg
Colours Black
Construction Aluminum
Accessories Included PSD241 – Power supply 24V / 1.67 A (Efficiency Level V)
Optional ARJ03P junction box
PSD24x external Power supply
MBS1xx Wall mounting brackets
WLI18 Wall line input unit
WMI18 Wall microphone input unit
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