Key Digital 4×4 Video Wall Matrix Switch Controller

$4,011.45 ex GST

Key Digital 4×4 Video Wall Matrix Switch Controller

• 4 Inputs to 4 Outputs Video Wall Processor

• Seamless Presentation Matrix Switcher.

• Features 8 Video Wall Modes.

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Key Digital 4×4 Video Wall Matrix Switch Controller

HDMI Matrix Switching: 4 HDMI/Analog sources to 4 HDMI outputs, independent when in matrix mode

Seamless Switching: Un-interrupted screen transitions during source selections

Video Wall Processing: Transform consumer and professional displays into a video wall with eight video wall modes

Horizontal (4): 1×4 Rotated, 1×4, 1×3, and two sets of 1×2

Vertical (3): 4×1, 3×1, and two sets of 2×1, 2×2

Bezel Control: Create a fluid screen transition by removing pixels from top, bottom, left, and right border independently

EDID: Internal library with 5 default EDID configurations for each input, in addition to native EDID data for any Output/Display

Full BuffeTechnology: Full buffering of HDCP and EDID, for the fastest possible switching and viewing of any source/input to any display/output, regardless of multiple output viewing relation

TMDS re-clocking: Support for long HDBaseT/CAT5e/6 or HDMI connections and many layers of connectivity.

Deep Color Support: Up to 12 bits/colour

Control: Front panel buttons, Serial IR, Optical IR, RS-232, and TCP-IP, including video wall mode select, matrix switching, EDID Control and discrete on and off via IR

Control System Support: Key Digital app ready. Key Digital Management Soft ware Pro (KDMS‚Ñ¢ Pro) ready, Compass Control Pro ready. Fully controllable by all IR, RS-232, and TCP/IP supported control systems via open API.

  • Key Digital App Ready: Can be controlled over TCP/IP via Key Digital App

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