KEY DIGITAL – 8 Button Programmable Keypad

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8 Button Web UI Programmable IP Control Wall Plate Keypad with PoE for KDPlug & Present™, Compass Control® Pro, and Third-Party Systems via Open API

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KEY DIGITAL – 8 Button Programmable Keypad

  • PoE Powered: Installs cleanly with PoE network switch or PoE injector (not included).
  • Single-Gang: Fits U.S. single-gang wall box. Brushed aluminium decora plate included.
  • Ease of Programming: Web GUI walkthrough of network settings, project import & export, button configuration, event programming and virtual event keypad access.
  • IP Controller: Natively sends TCP and UDP commands in ASCII or HEX format for controlling IP devices without any additional hardware needed.
  • IR, RS-232, and Relay Control: Add KD-CX800, KD-MC1000, or KD-IP822/922/1022 master controllers for native control or IR, RS-232, or voltage relay devices.
  • Multi-Controller Support: Integrate with any number of KD Master Controllers
  • Point-to-Point Support: Direct connect network cabling from KD-WP8 to PoE injector and Master Controller for installation without network setup hassle.
  • RS-232 Command Strings: ASCII or HEX formats supported. Selectable baud rate from 1,200 to 115,200 bps
  • IR Command Strings: Copy & paste Pronto Hex or Compass Control IR burst data.
  • 160 Events Possible: Up to 10 commands on button press and release/repeat, for up to 20 events per button and 160 events total.
  • Key Combo Security: Two-button press combo may be set to lock & unlock keypad.
  • Virtual Keypads: Password protected web GUI with user-friendly minimal layout or Programmer-friendly layout with transmit & receive logs.
  • KDMS™ Pro and KD-App Ready: Virtual keypad GUI options accessed by PC software and iOS app.
  • Button Configuration: Red or blue LED backlighting, normal or toggle button types, press event, release event, hold for repeat, and hold for send options.
  • Detachable Button Caps: 10 inner button caps, 10 outer button caps, and flathead mini screwdriver included.
  • Icon Sheets: 175 transparent icons provided. Template available for custom printing.
  • Open API: Simple two-way communication protocol for IP integration with control systems.

Suitable to be used with Compass Control and the KDMC1000

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