KEY DIGITAL – 4K Wireless Presentation System

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KEY DIGITAL – 4K Wireless Presentation System

  • Wireless Presentation Gateway: Connect via WiFi to wirelessly cast content from device
  • Bring Your Own Device: Cast from Windows and Mac computers or Android devices using KDPlay™ software and app. Cast from iOS devices with AirPlay. Cast from Chrome OS using Chrome browser tool for tab or desktop.
  • Smooth Video: Glitch-free AV experience due to optimizations for video content
  • Multi-Presenter Mode: Up to four presenters may share content at same time with auto adjusting screen layout. User preference layout setup for three or four presenters allows for optimal window placement based on usage.
  • Easy Connection: Up to 16 simultaneous devices may connect, with access always provided to new connecting devices and automatic disconnect of oldest non-casting devices in case of maximum being reached.
  • KDPlay™ Flash Included: Software auto-launcher with USB and USB-C connections allows Additional KDPlay™ Flash sold separately
  • 4K/UHD Source & Display: Supports incoming signals and outputs at 4K/UHD for optimal clarity of spreadsheets and data content
  • Annotation and White Board: Screen overlay tools for real-time collaboration. Screen captures are downloaded by QR code or in web browser
  • Extended Monitor: Feature enables dual display setups such as video conference and presentation content view on side-by-side panels
  • WiFi Direct or LAN Connection: May act as the wireless access point, or may be accessed by devices via the connected network
  • Content Preview: Collapsible dock on side of display provides preview thumbnail and name of devices casting via KDPlay app
  • Touch Screen / Mouse Forwarding: Connect touchscreen or mouse USB to unit to point and click on casted device
  • Moderator Management: Administrator may start & stop device casting via web control page
  • Web GUI Administration: Access unit setup, moderator, and security tools on web browser through LAN
  • Four-Level Security: Including casting / pairing pin and Device-type permission options, AES-256 + RSA-1024 encryption
  • Simultaneous Secure Dual Network: Two network ports enable concurrent connection to Public and Private networks for ease of guest access without compromising security
  • Video Resolution: Selectable 4K 3840×2160 @ 30fps or 60fps [4:2:0] 10.2Gbps, 1920x1080p @ 60fps, 1280x800p @ 60fps, 1280x720p @ 60fps output resolution options based on EDID from connected display.
  • Audio De-embedding: Audio of the casted device is de-embedded at the unit’s analog L/R audio connector for ease of integrating with audio amplification and mixing systems

Please view Key Digital KDXUSB2 for USB extension

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