Key Digital – Serial or IR Master Controller

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Key Digital – Serial or IR Master Controller

•  (Wired/LAN, up to 8 Ports)

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Key Digital – Serial or IR Master Controller

iOS Backbone: First major control system built from the ground up using Apple iOS devices ‚ iPad®, iPad®mini, iPhone®, and iPod touch®

  • Total 8 Ports: 6 MCP35‚ Multi-Function I/O Ports , 1 Relay/Contact Closure Port, 1 ZigBee Wireless Port
    •Multi-function 3.5mm Ports can be programmed to be one of the following functionality: IR in any direction, bi-directional RS-232, Voltage Level output, Voltage Sensor input, PCM Audio sensor input or Composite Video Sensor input

USB Support: USB port for firmware upgrades and initial setup

Built-in IR Learning: Front-facing IR window enables learning of IR codes from external IR remotes

LAN: Direct wire to LAN via RJ45

Relay Control: Control external equipment with one set of switchable contacts. Any multi-function 3.5mm port can be converted to Contact Closure using external Key Digital®KD-CCXR200 Converter

Real Time Master Control: Allows user to store variables and events internally with/without iOS device

Compass Navigator : PC Editor allows fast and easy programming

Device Configuration: Allows all functions and integration into Compass Project via IP and Compass Navigator‚ software

Complete Control: Audio, video, HVAC, lighting, shades, security, and more

Control Distribution: Integrates with all Key Digital Control Routing HDMI Switchers to expand the control system and add control ports

No need for PC or Mac in the system: All system performance is controlled by KD-MC1000 Master Controller and any iOS device

Compass Alliance‚ Partners: Pre-loaded code sets

Reliable iOS Integration Features

IP Connectivity Stabilizer: Stable and constant TCP/IP socket created by KD-MC1000 with IP target devices via Telnet or HTTP regardless or iOS devices status.

Event Handler: Scheduled events & actions based on iOS time and calendar variables including:

Schedule Mode: Schedule and execute timer events from iOS device and/or KD-MC1000

Schedule Sensing Mode: Execute events triggered by voltage or video/audio sensing by KD-MC1000

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