Sharing Cloud Wayfinding Touch Screen

Sharing Cloud Wayfinding Touch Screen

• otherwise called The Groompad is an easy-to-use touch screen

• synchronised with our Instant Suite module.


Sharing Cloud Wayfinding Touch Screen – otherwise called The Groompad

  • The GroomPad is an easy-to-use touch screen, synchronised with our Instant Suite module.
  • Thanks to the accurate and interactive 3D map, find the room, the department or the person you are meeting with has never been so easy.
  • The GroomPad is placed in the lobby visitors or aside the elevators. It offers a complete solution to book an available room or a free-sitting desk directly from the GroomPad screen.
  • You can make any service request or notify a dysfunction: Wi-Fi guest access, taxi booking, cleaning service, Room service…
  • When inactive, The GroomPad, like RoomPad® , becomes a digital signage device to display your corporate information.

Find rapidly and efficiently a meeting room, a department or a person.

  • Thanks to The GroomPad, employees as well as visitors can see their bookings done via Instant Booking or via their current mail software (Outlook, Notes, Google Cal).
  • They can identify booked rooms and can book easily a free meeting room or a free box on the fly in synchronisation with Instant Booking and RoomPad®.
  • A contactless reader (RFID/NFC) is optional and makes bookings safer and even easier.

Ask for concierge services and inform your employees and your visitors.

  • You can ask for any concierge services such as order a meal or a coffee break for your meeting, a cab for your visitor, a Wi-Fi access and so on.
  • You can also notify a problem or a dysfunction like a wireless casting breakdown, a heating-cooling issue directly on the GroomPad screen and localise precisely where it happened on the 3D map.
  • When inactive, linked to Instant Signage, GroomPad, as well as RoomPad®, becomes a digital signage corporate device.
  • Thanks to a digital signage playlist, to your Twitter RSS, your Instant TV video channels, informing your employees and your visitors about your company’s news, has never been that easy.


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